Greece: What happened to the fundamental values of the EU?

The European Union’s fundamental values are respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law. These values unite all the member states – no country that does not recognise these values can belong to the Union[1].

Greece: Desperation docks at the Port of Piraeus

The small colourful festival tents are placed side by side in old derelict warehouses, on the quay and in- as well as outside terminal buildings. In the squalor adults sleep, sit or stand around – waiting – whilst children try to pass time with play or resign to stare into empty space. With 6000+ desperate…

A voyage to an uncertain future

The leaders of the EU and Turkey gather in Brussels tomorrow in order to hammer out a new deal to stem the flow of refugees and migrant into Europe. In Greece and on Samos many feel the results of the talks will not change status quo.

A plea for Europe 2016

After venturing through seven European countries and travelling approximately 4000 km by boat, train and bus from Lesbos and Samos via Athens to Karlsruhe, the refugee crisis is perhaps more tangible to me, but still startling in its complexity and forever changing. There are so many borders, people, interests and politicians involved, so many powers…